Exploring the Portobello Market in London: Nearest Tube Station?

Taking the subway is probably the easiest and most used way to get to Portobello Road. Located 3 kilometers west of Marble Arch, the Portobello Market is an outdoor market that is easy to reach by road or tube from anywhere in London. It's a great place to find bargains, take pictures of the beautiful and colorful Georgian architecture, eat food from street vendors, have drinks, or even listen to some street artists performing in the different areas of the market. In recent years, young fashion lovers and even wealthy celebrities have ventured to the Portobello market to find fashion items and, as a result, more and more stalls have started selling a variety of vintage and avant-garde clothing that you won't find anywhere else in London, not to mention a lot of posters, ceramics, vinyls and much more.

If you're planning to visit the Portobello Market on a Saturday, it's recommended that you set aside a full day to wander through the many stalls. Don't forget to bring a raincoat and an umbrella just in case!.