Exploring the Historic Borough Market in London

London's Borough Market is a sprawling open-air market bursting with lifeand flavor. For centuries, this vibrant marketplace has attracted locals andvisitors alike to its bustling stalls full of fresh produce, specialty foods,and unique finds. From the famous Neal's Yard Dairy to Southwark Cathedral,this bustling corner of London offers something for everyone. Whether you'relooking for a quick snack or a unique souvenir, the captivating sights andsounds of Borough Market are sure to make an impression that lasts long afteryour visit.

Overview of Borough Market

Borough Market is a must-visit destination in London. Located near LondonBridge, the market has been in existence since the 12th century and has becomea major attraction for locals and tourists alike. Visitors can explore over 100stalls that offer an array of fresh produce, specialty foods, and unique finds.Monmouth Coffee is a popular spot to pick up a cup of coffee while Bread Aheadis perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Street food stalls are also plentiful,offering everything from Mexican tacos to Indian samosas. For those looking forsomething more special, there are numerous independent vendors sellingartisanal cheeses, charcuterie, cured meats, spices and much more.

The market also hosts several charitable trusts throughout the year suchas The Passage and The Spitalfields Crypt Trust. These events provide anopportunity to learn more about causes close to the market’s heart whilesupporting those in need. Many famous authors have graced Borough Market'scobbled streets including Charles Dickens who described it as “a place of noiseand confusion” in his novel Little Dorrit.

Today Borough Market is open six days per week (closed on Sundays).Although it began as a wholesale market in 17th century London Bridge Station,today it has become one of the most famous food markets in England thanks toits many limited market days throughout the year. From its traditional MaltbyStreet Market Hall to its bustling vegetable market on Southwark Street,Borough Market is sure to be an unforgettable experience for any visitor!

No matter if you're looking for a unique find, a delicious treat, orsimply a place to enjoy the atmosphere, Borough Market is sure to provide anunforgettable experience. And don't forget to stay tuned for more about itsrich history - coming up next!

History of Borough Market

Borough Market has been a part of London life since the 12th century,when it began as a wholesale market near London Bridge. Over the centuries,Borough Market has become one of the most renowned markets in England and isnow a major attraction for locals and tourists alike.

In 1755, the Maltby Street Hall was built which provided a permanentspace for traders and increased patronage. During this time, only royalcharters were allowed to trade in the market and all purchases had to be madewith gold or silver coins. In 1851, Charles Dickens described Borough Market as“a place of noise and confusion” in his novel Little Dorrit.

The 20th century saw a huge boom in popularity for Borough Market withmore stalls being added and larger variety of goods being sold. Theintroduction of street food vendors also helped draw more attention to thearea. Through its many limited market days throughout the year, Borough Marketcontinues to offer visitors an array of fresh produce, specialty foods, uniquefinds, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and much more!

Location and Accessibility

Location and Accessibility of Borough Market

Located in the heart of Southwark, Borough Market is one of London’s mostfamous food markets. It’s conveniently located a short walk away from LondonBridge Station and Southwark Cathedral, making it easy to get to. Whetheryou’re travelling by train or bus, the market is easily accessible and hasplenty of bus stops nearby.

Borough Market covers 3 acres of land so there’s plenty to explore!Inside you will find anything from fresh fish stalls, Monmouth Coffee, Neal’sYard Dairy, Bread Ahead bakery, street food stalls and more! With over 100 differenttraders selling their wares it can be overwhelming for first-timers so makesure to plan your visit accordingly.

The charitable trust that manages Borough Market is committed toproviding quality produce in an ethical way; all the food sold here is traceableand fully compliant with UK safety regulations. So whether you’re looking forsomething quick for lunch or planning a special night out, Borough Market hassomething for everyone!

Borough Market has something for everyone, with its vast array of freshproduce, street food and gourmet delicacies. Come explore and discover thedeliciousness this market has to offer! And if you're looking to find out moreabout the area surrounding Borough Market, stay tuned for our next section onits location and accessibility.

Borough Market Location

Located in the heart of Southwark, Borough Market is one of London’s mosticonic and beloved food markets. With its convenient location just a short walkaway from London Bridge Station and Southwark Cathedral, it’s easy to get toand explore the 3 acres of deliciousness that it has to offer!

From fresh fish stalls and Monmouth Coffee, to Neal's Yard Dairy, BreadAhead bakery, street food stalls and more - there truly is something foreveryone at Borough Market. All of the produce here is traceable and fullycompliant with UK safety regulations, so you can rest assured that it’s allethically sourced. Whether you’re looking for something quick for lunch orplanning a special night out - you won’t be disappointed!

So why not come down to Borough Market today and explore the fantasticvariety of deliciousness this market has to offer? You won’t regret it!

Transport Options to Reach the Market

Getting to Borough Market is easy and convenient no matter where you'recoming from. For those taking public transport, the closest bus stops arelocated on London Bridge Road, Southwark Street and Union Street. The nearesttube station is London Bridge, which is just a five-minute walk away. If you’refeeling adventurous, why not take a leisurely stroll along the Thames Path andenjoy the views of one of London’s most historic landmarks?

For those arriving by car, there are several nearby car parks that offerdiscounted rates on market days. The closest car park is located on Stoney Streetand can be reached by turning off Southwark Street onto Weir Road.

If you’d rather leave your car at home, there are plenty of other optionsavailable. With cycle hire stands around the corner from the market entrance onBedale Street, it’s never been easier to get around town in an eco-friendlyway!

So no matter how you choose to travel to Borough Market - you can restassured that getting here will be a breeze!

Variety and Quality of Produce on Offer

At Borough Market, you're guaranteed to find an amazing variety oftop-quality produce! Whether you're looking for fresh fruits and vegetables,artisan breads, fine cheeses or sustainably sourced meats, the market has itall.

The market offers a wide range of seasonal produce from local suppliersand farmers. Every week you'll find an abundance of freshly picked fruits andvegetables in all shapes and sizes – perfect for whipping up a delicious mealat home. There's also a great selection of artisan breads from Bread AheadBakery, plus an array of cheeses from Neal's Yard Dairy. And if you're afterquality cuts of meat then look no further than the butchers at The Ginger Pigwho only source their goods from trusted farms in Britain.

What's more, there are plenty of exciting street food stalls to exploretoo! With dishes ranging from classic British fish and chips to gourmetburgers, tacos and noodle bowls - there's something to tantalise every tastebud! And if that wasn't enough - there are also plenty of sweet treatsavailable such as homemade cakes, donuts and ice cream for when you need asugar fix!

So whether you're looking for ingredients for your next culinary creationor just fancy grabbing something tasty on the go - make sure to visit BoroughMarket where variety and quality come as standard!

Borough Market is the perfect place to find top-quality ingredients forany recipe, or just to pick up something tasty on the go. Make sure to visitand experience the incredible variety of fresh produce, artisan breads andcheeses, sustainably sourced meats and delicious street food – all in oneplace! But that's not all - next time we'll be taking a closer look at some ofthe amazing fresh produce available at Borough Market.

Fresh Produce at the Market

Every week, Borough Market is the perfect place to find an abundance offresh produce and ingredients for any recipe. From tantalising fruits andvegetables in all shapes and sizes, to artisan breads from Bread Ahead Bakeryand fine cheeses from Neal's Yard Dairy - there's something here for everyone!

The market also sells sustainably sourced meats from The Ginger Pigbutchers, who only source their goods from trusted farms in Britain. And ofcourse, you don't have to cook at home as there are plenty of delicious streetfood stalls to explore! From classic British fish and chips to gourmet burgersand tacos - you'll be spoilt for choice! And if that wasn't enough - there arealso plenty of sweet treats available such as homemade cakes, donuts and icecream.

So come down to Borough Market and experience the incredible variety offresh produce on offer. With top-quality ingredients at every turn - you won'tbe disappointed!

Specialty Foods Available at Borough Market

At Borough Market, you can find all sorts of specialty foods to tantalizeyour taste buds. Whether you're looking for something savory or sweet, there'ssomething for everyone!

If you're feeling adventurous, why not sample some unique Japanese foodfrom the Uchiwa sushi stall? Or if you prefer something a bit more traditional,there are plenty of fresh fish and seafood options to choose from. The marketalso offers specialty meats like venison and wild boar and an array of curedmeats as well.

For those with a sweet tooth, you'll be spoilt for choice at BoroughMarket. The selection of cakes, pastries and desserts is truly impressive -from classic English tarts to French patisseries, there's something to satisfyevery palate. Don't forget to try the famous Monmouth Coffee too!

There's no better place to get high-quality ingredients than at BoroughMarket. With its wide variety of specialty foods, it's no wonder that thisLondon landmark has been around since the 17th century and continues to attractfoodies from all over the world!

Famous Food Stalls and Shops in the Area

Borough Market is one of London's most famous food markets, and it's easyto see why. Not only does the market offer an incredible selection of freshproduce and specialty foods, but it's also home to some of the city'sbest-known food stalls and shops. From Uchiwa sushi to Neal's Yard Dairy, thereare plenty of delicious treats to try.

The area around Borough Market is also full of great restaurants andcafes where you can relax after a day of shopping. There's something foreveryone here - from traditional English pubs serving classic dishes to moderneateries offering international cuisines. And don't forget about the numerousstreet food stalls that line Southwark Street - you'll be sure to findsomething delicious!

If you're looking for a unique experience, then head over to MaltbyStreet Market on Saturdays or Sundays for some truly creative street food.You'll find everything from wood-fired pizza to freshly made donuts in thisquaint little corner of south London. And if you happen to be visiting on aThursday, make sure you check out the nearby wholesale market at Smithfield –it has been operating since the 12th century!

No matter what your taste buds are looking for, Borough Market is theperfect place to explore all that London has to offer in terms of food anddrink. With its world-famous stalls and shops, this bustling marketplace is anabsolute must-see when visiting England’s capital city!

Wholesale Markets in the Vicinity

Wholesale markets are a great way to source fresh produce and other goodsat discounted prices. The London area is home to some of the best wholesalemarkets in the UK, and if you’re looking for bargains then you can’t go wrongwith them.

Perhaps one of the most well-known wholesale markets in the vicinity ofBorough Market is Smithfield Market. Established in 12th century, this markethas been operating for centuries. Here you can find all kinds of fresh produceincluding vegetables, fruit, meat and fish – all at incredibly low prices. It’sopen on Thursdays from 7am until 4pm, so be sure to make your way there earlyif you want to bag yourself a bargain!

Another great place to get cheap goods is New Covent Garden Market. Thishuge market covers over 77 acres of land and offers everything from foodproducts to flowers and plants. It’s open Monday - Friday from 8am until 4pm,so make sure you plan ahead if you want to visit here during your stay inLondon.

Whether it’s fresh fruits and vegetables or flowers for your garden,wholesale markets near Borough Market have everything you need at discountedprices – perfect for those looking for a bargain!

Limited Days for Visiting the Market

Visiting Borough Market is an experience like no other. Located inSouthwark Street, London Bridge, the market has been operating since the 17thcentury and is now one of the most famous food markets in London.Unfortunately, the days you can visit the market are limited.

If you’re looking to visit Borough Market, it’s best to plan ahead. Themarket is open from Wednesday to Thursday from 10am until 5pm and Friday from10am until 6pm. On Saturdays there is also a special Farmers’ Market that runsfrom 9am until 4pm.

The good news is that when you do venture down to the market, there’splenty of amazing things to see and do – such as sampling some of the deliciousstreet food stalls or picking up some fresh fish or bread at Monmouth Coffee orNeal’s Yard Dairy. Plus, you can even visit some of the iconic landmarks nearbysuch as Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge Station!

But don’t forget – if you want to get your hands on some of thosedelicious goodies then make sure to drop by during its opening hours! BoroughMarket is a great place for tourists and locals alike so don’t miss out on thisunique opportunity to explore one of London's oldest and most famous foodmarkets – just make sure you plan your visit accordingly!

Visiting Borough Market is an experience like no other. Don't forget toplan your visit accordingly and make sure you get the most out of this amazingdestination! But what days is the market open? Find out next...

What Days is The Market Open?

Visiting Borough Market is an experience like no other. Located inSouthwark Street, London Bridge, the market has been operating since the 17thcentury and is now one of the most famous food markets in London. But what daysis the market open?

The good news is that you can visit Borough Market on Wednesdays toThursdays from 10am until 5pm, and Fridays from 10am until 6pm. On Saturdaysthere's also a special Farmers’ Market that runs from 9am until 4pm. So planahead and make sure you don't miss out on all the amazing sights, sounds,smells and tastes the market has to offer!

If you're visiting Borough Market, there's plenty of amazing things youcan see and do – such as sampling some of the delicious street food stalls orpicking up some fresh produce at Monmouth Coffee or Neal’s Yard Dairy. Plus,you can even visit some of the iconic landmarks nearby such as SouthwarkCathedral and London Bridge Station!

Borough Market is a great place for tourists and locals alike so don'tmiss out on this unique opportunity to explore one of London's oldest and mostfamous food markets. Just remember – if you want to get your hands on some ofthose delicious goodies then make sure to drop by during its opening hours!

Attractions Surrounding Borough Market

Borough Market in London is a one-of-a-kind attraction that has beenaround since the 12th century. It is a wholesale market and offers limitedopening days, but it's worth visiting for its unique food stalls, fresh fishand vegetables, and other delicious treats.

But the Borough Market isn’t the only thing to see in this area!Surrounding it are some of London’s most interesting sites, such as SouthwarkCathedral, Charles Dickens' former home, Bread Ahead bakery, and Maltby StreetMarket. All these attractions make Borough Market the perfect place to spend anafternoon exploring.

Southwark Cathedral dates back to the 12th century and features abeautiful interior with stained glass windows, historic monuments and tombsfrom Kings Edward III and Henry VIII. While there you can also learn about itscharitable trust which works to alleviate poverty in the local area.

At Bread Ahead bakery nearby you can sample delicious pastries likedoughnuts or take a baking class if you are feeling brave enough! And forsomething truly unique head over to Maltby Street Market where you can findquirky street food vendors serving up tasty dishes from all over the world.

No matter what type of activity you fancy doing during your visit toBorough Market there is plenty of things to see and do nearby that will keepyour day entertaining and exciting!

Whether you're looking for a unique culinary experience or a day ofexploring London's history, Borough Market and its surrounding attractions aresure to provide an unforgettable experience. Get ready to take a step back intime at Southwark Cathedral, where you can learn about the cathedral'scharitable works and admire its stained glass windows!

Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral is a stunning 12th century building that has been standingin the heart of London since 1106. Located near Borough Market and just astone’s throw away from London Bridge, Southwark Cathedral is an awe-inspiringsite. Not only is it one of the oldest buildings in London, but it also offersvisitors a chance to immerse themselves in its rich history.

The interior of the cathedral features intricate stained glass windows,monuments and tombs from Kings Edward III and Henry VIII, as well as beautifulwood carvings and impressive stone pillars. Not to mention its iconic spirewhich towers over the surrounding area! But Southwark Cathedral isn't just atourist attraction; it's also home to a charitable trust working to relievepoverty in the local area.

Whether you are looking for an educational day out or simply want toadmire this grand old building, Southwark Cathedral is definitely worth avisit. Take some time out from shopping at Borough Market and explore thisamazing piece of history - you won't be disappointed!

Neal's Yard Dairy

Neal's Yard Dairy is a small family-run business located in the heart ofBorough Market in London. Established in 1979, this artisan cheese shop hasbeen providing customers with a wide selection of the finest quality cheesesfor over 40 years.

From local British farmhouse favourites to rare Italian specialities,Neal's Yard Dairy has something to suit everyone's tastes. The knowledgeablestaff are always happy to help you pick out the perfect cheese and even offerfree tasting samples so you can find your favourite! They also have a widerange of accompaniments such as chutneys, wines and crackers - all of whichcomplement their delicious selection of cheeses perfectly.

Whether you’re looking for a gift or just want to treat yourself, Neal’sYard Dairy is sure to have something for you. So why not head down to BoroughMarket and discover this hidden gem for yourself? You won't be disappointed!

Bus Stops Nearby

Borough Market is an incredibly popular market located in London, andit's easy to see why. With its bustling atmosphere, delicious street foodstalls, and array of fresh produce stands, this is a must-visit destination forany food lover. However, if you're planning on visiting the market by publictransport, you'll be glad to know there are plenty of bus stops nearby!

The nearest stop is located just outside London Bridge station onSouthwark Street. From here, you can catch the number 78 or 21 bus which willtake you right to the heart of Borough Market. If that's not quite close enoughfor you then never fear - there are also several other stops nearby. Theseinclude stops along Tooley Street and Montague Close Road which are all withinwalking distance of the market.

With so many convenient bus stops nearby, getting to Borough Marketcouldn't be easier! So what are you waiting for? Hop on board and come exploreone of London's most famous food markets!

Other Points of Interest in the Area

Borough Market is not only a great place to buy delicious food, but it'salso a great spot to explore the nearby area. The market itself has been aroundsince the 12th century and is steeped in history. Nearby, you'll find SouthwarkCathedral which dates back to the 17th century and is a beautiful example ofEnglish architecture. You can also take a stroll down along Tooley Street whereyou will find the famous Monmouth Coffee shop and Neal's Yard Dairy.

For those who love literature, Borough Market is also where CharlesDickens first found inspiration for his novel 'David Copperfield'. And ifyou're feeling peckish there are plenty of treats on offer; from freshly-bakedbread at Bread Ahead bakery to fish and chips from one of the many seafoodstalls in the market hall - there's something for everyone!

If you're looking for a unique shopping experience then head over toMaltby Street Market which runs every Saturday and Sunday. Here, you can findall sorts of goodies such as vintage clothing, handmade crafts, and even freshvegetables!

And don't forget that Borough Market isn't just about food - it's alsohome to a charitable trust that works with local businesses in order to promotesustainability. So why not visit this historic market today and discover allthat it has to offer?

Borough Market is a unique destination that offers something for everyone- from delicious food, to interesting history and sustainable initiatives. Withso much to explore and discover, it's no wonder why this vibrant market isloved by locals and tourists alike! And if you're looking for more of aliterary twist, don't miss the opportunity to visit Charles Dickens Museum -where his life and works come alive!

Charles Dickens Museum

For those who are looking to get a deeper understanding of one of themost famous writers in history, the Charles Dickens Museum is a must-see.Founded in 1925, this museum is located in Bloomsbury and houses an extensivecollection of objects related to Dickens' life and works. Here, visitors canexplore his study, library, bedroom and drawing room - which were all recreatedto look just as they would have during his lifetime.

The museum also has many interactive displays that allow visitors tolearn more about Dickens' life and works. Guests can watch videos, listen toaudio recordings and even take part in hands-on activities such as writing withquill pens! There are also regular lectures held at the museum where expertsdiscuss interesting topics related to the writer's legacy.

The Charles Dickens Museum provides a great opportunity for literaturelovers to get closer to one of the greatest authors of all time. It's wellworth a visit if you're ever in London - so why not make sure you stop by nexttime you're nearby?

Charitable Trusts Connected to Borough Markets

Borough Market in London is a vibrant and varied food market, known forits variety of fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, coffee, and fish. But themarket is more than just an amazing place to find delicious ingredients - it'salso part of a charitable trust!

The Borough Market Charitable Trust was established in 1756 and has beenproviding support to local traders and producers ever since. The trust runsseveral projects including free bus stops for shoppers, free street food stallsfor local vendors and a 'Bread Ahead' program which helps young entrepreneursstart up their own businesses in the area.

The charity also works with a number of smaller markets around Londonsuch as the famous Maltby Street Market and the limited-day-only Market Hall.These smaller markets offer great opportunities for visitors to find uniqueofferings from independent producers who specialize in everything from freshvegetables to handmade jewelry.

Although these charitable trusts are often unsung heroes behind thescenes at Borough Markets, they play an important role in keeping this historiclocation alive with activity and helping to ensure that visitors always haveaccess to fresh, quality produce.

The Borough Market's Charitable Trust is a shining example of how localbusinesses can help give back to their communities and make sure that everyonecan enjoy the great offerings at this amazing market. So why not come andexperience it yourself? And don't forget to stay tuned for our next article -where we'll be discussing the Benefits of Visiting Borough Markets!

Benefits of Visiting Borough Markets

Visiting Borough Markets in London is an incredible experience that can'tbe missed! Not only is it a great way to find fresh, high-quality food andingredients, but it's also one of the oldest and most famous markets in thecity. From its humble beginnings as a small vegetable market back in the 12thcentury to its current status as one of London's top tourist attractions, thisbustling market has something for everyone.

For those looking for a unique shopping experience, there are plenty ofstalls selling handmade jewelry, antiques, and clothing from independentdesigners. Foodies will love exploring the artisanal cheeses, Monmouth Coffee,Neal's Yard Dairy and Bread Ahead bakery stalls, while seafood lovers can taketheir pick from some of the freshest fish around. And if you're feelingadventurous why not try some traditional British dishes like 'pie & mash'or 'jellied eels'?

Borough Markets is also known for its charitable trust which supportslocal traders and producers through free bus stops for shoppers and street foodstalls. It even offers an educational 'Bread Ahead' program to help youngentrepreneurs start their own businesses in the area! All in all, visitingBorough Markets is a great way to get a taste of London's history whilesupporting local vendors at the same time.