Exploring Jubilee Market: A Guide to London's Best Shopping Destination

For centuries, theJubilee Market of London has been both a bustling center of commerce andculture. From its humble beginnings as a simple farmer’s market to the vibrantdisplay of goods it is today, the Jubilee Market has become an iconicdestination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for uniquesouvenirs or just browsing for bargains, this historic open-air market is sureto amaze you with its array of products. Get ready to explore the hidden gemsof London’s beloved Jubilee Market!

History of JubileeMarket

The Jubilee Market ofLondon has a rich history that dates back centuries. It began as a farmer’smarket in the 16th century, located in Covent Garden, near the Queen ElizabethII Jubilee Hall. In the 19th century, it was transformed into a bustlingmarketplace with an array of stalls selling items from tavistock street toCovent Garden's piazza. By the early 20th century, it had become known as theJubilee Market Hall Limited and was renowned for its wide range of skills andcrafts items available for purchase.

Today, the Jubilee Marketis still going strong and continues to attract visitors from all over theworld. With its exciting atmosphere and wide array of items from antiques tobeauty care products, cards to souvenirs and much more, there really issomething for everyone here! There are also plenty of food outlets offering achoice of cuisines too. Whether you’re looking for unique gifts or justbrowsing around for fun, don’t miss out on this wonderful place!

A visit to the JubileeMarket is a must for any visitor to London, so don't miss out on this vibrantand exciting market full of unique items and experiences! And if you're lookingfor an overview of what the market has to offer, keep reading...

Overview of the Market

The Jubilee Market is avibrant and exciting place to explore, with something for every taste andbudget. From antiques and art deco pieces to crafts stalls, souvenirs, homedecor items, beauty care products, cards and more - the choices are endless!And if you're looking for a bite to eat while exploring, there's plenty ofchoice here too. With a mix of traditional and international cuisines availableat the various food outlets dotted around the market.

The atmosphere in theJubilee Market is truly unique; with beautiful views of the nearby Covent GardenRoyal Opera House and plenty of street performers entertaining visitors alongtheir way. And there's so much more to discover from antique dealers, artnouveau pieces on sale at select stalls or just taking in the hustle and bustleof one of London’s oldest markets. So why not take some time out for yourselfand visit this amazing place? You won't regret it!

Details of the Market

The Jubilee Market is avibrant and exciting market located in London, near the iconic Covent GardenPiazza. It's been around since Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee in 1977, andit's still going strong today! At Jubilee Market Hall, you'll find a wide rangeof items for sale from antiques to crafts and even souvenirs. There's also agreat selection of food outlets available with a variety of traditional andinternational cuisines.

The vibrant atmosphere atthe market is like no other; with street performers entertaining visitors and awide range of skills showcased in the craft stalls, you're sure to becaptivated by all that this place has to offer. With cards, trinkets and souvenirson offer as well, you won't be short on choice when it comes to findingsomething special for yourself or someone else. So if you're looking for anexciting day out full of interesting discoveries, then why not pay a visit tothe Jubilee Market? You won't regret it!

The Jubilee Market Hallis a unique and exciting place that is sure to captivate you with its vibrantatmosphere. So why not come down, explore the stalls, listen to some music andfind something special to take home? And don't forget to check out the Locationand Opening Hours in our next section for more details!

Location and OpeningHours

The Jubilee Market Hallis located at Tavistock Street and is open from Monday to Saturday between thehours of 10am and 6pm. During the week, there is a wide range of stallsoffering everything from antiques and crafts to beauty care and cards. Onweekends, you'll find even more stalls with art deco, art nouveau, souvenirsand more! Whether you're looking for something special or just want to soak upthe exciting atmosphere, the market is sure to provide a great day out. Sodon't miss out - come down to Tavistock Street any day of the week and enjoyeverything that Jubilee Market Hall has to offer!

Variety of Goods onOffer

The Jubilee Market Hallis home to a wide variety of goods, with something for everyone. Whether you'relooking for antiques and crafts or something more modern, you'll find it at theJubilee Market Hall. You can browse through stalls offering everything fromcards to souvenirs, as well as vintage items and clothing. There's also a rangeof skilled craftsmen selling handmade items such as wood carvings and pottery,so there's sure to be something to suit any taste. If you get peckish whileshopping, there's a great choice of food outlets available too! So why not comedown and take a look - you won't be disappointed!