Exploring Old Spitalfields Market in London

Nestled in the heart ofLondon lies a centuries-old landmark that has become a beloved destination forlocals and tourists alike. Old Spitalfields Market is an iconic space thatcaptures the vibrant spirit of the city, offering up unique goods, deliciousfood, and plenty of entertainment. With its long and rich history, this belovedspot has something for everyone – from fashionistas to antique collectors andbeyond. Step inside the bustling market and discover why it's such an essentialpart of London life.

History of OldSpitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Markethas been a fixture of East London since the 1600s when it was established as awholesale fruit and vegetable market. In 1876, the market moved to its currentlocation in Brushfield Street and became popular for its daily outdoor marketstalls. It wasn't until 1991 that the historic roof of the market building wasrestored, allowing it to become the well-known indoor market it is today. Now,it's home to guest markets, popular fashion retailers, and eateries serving upeverything from Asian fusion to French cuisine.

The market is locatedjust 5 minutes away from Liverpool Street Station and a mere 10 minute walkaway from Shoreditch High Street Station. The entrance to Old SpitalfieldsMarket is on Lamb Street, which is close by to Christ Church and Brick Lane –two of East London's most vibrant spots. Whether you're looking for antiques orsouvenirs, this historic venue has something for everyone – with over 100 shopsselling both vintage and modern wares.

For those who love food,there are plenty of options available at Old Spitalfields Market too. Fromstreet food stalls to cafes serving up delicious treats – there's something forall taste buds! Plus, with regular events taking place throughout the year suchas book fairs and live music concerts – visitors will always have something newto experience here in this unique corner of London's east outskirts.

Old Spitalfields Marketis the perfect place to explore and discover something new - from vintage findsto modern treats. Get ready for a unique shopping experience - here's anoverview of what you can expect at this historic East London market!

Overview of the Market

Old Spitalfields Marketis the perfect place to explore and discover unique items! Located in EastLondon, this historic market is home to a variety of shops selling both vintageand modern wares. From antiques and souvenirs to fashion retailers and eateries– there's something for everyone here. Plus, with regular events such as bookfairs and live music concerts taking place throughout the year, visitors willalways have something new to experience at Old Spitalfields Market. Just a5-minute walk away from Liverpool Street Station, this market offers aconvenient shopping destination with plenty of interesting things to see. So ifyou're looking for a unique spot to browse through some one-of-a-kind finds –make sure you pay a visit to Old Spitalfields Market!


Old Spitalfields Marketis a great place to explore and discover new items in London! Located in eastLondon, this market has been around for centuries and is home to a variety ofstalls. There's something for everyone here – from antiques and souvenirs tofashion retailers and eateries. Plus, the area around the market hosts regularevents such as book fairs, live music concerts, and guest markets throughoutthe year. Just a 5-minute walk away from Liverpool Street Station, OldSpitalfields Market is conveniently located. Stroll through Brushfield Streetor Lamb Street and you'll find yourself surrounded by historic buildings with aunique roof that dates back to 1876. Discover popular fashion brands or trysome Asian fusion food at one of the many eateries – you won't be disappointed!Explore the eastern outskirts of London and visit Old Spitalfields Markettoday!

From fashion to antiques,Old Spitalfields Market offers something for everyone. With its convenientlocation and rich history, it's no surprise that this market is one of London'stop attractions. Next up, learn how accessible Old Spitalfields Market is – youwon't want to miss it!


Old Spitalfields Marketis one of the most accessible attractions in London! Located just a 5-minutewalk from Liverpool Street Station, this historic market is easy to get to nomatter where you’re coming from. You can also take the underground toShoreditch High Street station, which is only a few blocks away. Plus, thereare plenty of buses that go right past Old Spitalfields Market – it reallycouldn't be any easier!

But it's not justtransportation that makes Old Spitalfields Market so accessible. The marketbuilding itself has been around since 1876 and features a unique roof structurewith two large entrances, making it easy to explore every corner of the marketwithout getting lost! There are also regular events throughout the year such asbook fairs and live music concerts—so no matter what day you visit, you're sureto find something interesting going on.

So if you're looking foran exciting day out in London, head over to Old Spitalfields Market. With itsconvenient location and wide range of shops and activities, this historicmarket is perfect for all ages—you won't be disappointed!

Surrounding Landmarksand Points of Interest

Old Spitalfields Marketis surrounded by many interesting landmarks and points of interest that make iteven more special! East London's iconic Brick Lane is just a few blocks away,offering a variety of restaurants serving up delicious Asian fusion dishes.Christ Church is also nearby, giving visitors the chance to admire itsbeautiful architecture. And if you're in the mood for some shopping, nearbyLamb Street and Brushfield Street are lined with popular fashion boutiques.

The market itself hasbeen around since the 17th century and features a historic roof structure aswell as a large indoor hall which hosts daily markets and monthly guest marketssuch as an antique market. You'll also find plenty of eateries inside themarket hall, so you can take a break from shopping or exploring the surroundingarea to grab some lunch or dinner.

So if you're looking fora unique day out in London, Old Spitalfields Market is definitely worthchecking out—you won't be disappointed! With its convenient location and widerange of activities and shops both inside and outside the market, there'ssomething for everyone here!

Types of Goods Sold atOld Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Marketin London is a great place to find something special, whether you're searchingfor unique antiques or some delicious French cuisine. With its convenientlocation just five minutes away from Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Streetstations, it's a great spot to explore and shop around.

The market itself offersa variety of goods, ranging from fresh produce to handmade craft items. You canbrowse through the many stalls selling items such as vintage clothing, jewelryand furniture. There is also a wholesale market that stocks bulk goods andother products at discounted prices. And if you're looking for something moreunusual, there are also stalls offering bespoke gifts and artworks.

If you're feelingpeckish, Old Spitalfields Market has plenty of eateries serving up dishes fromall over the world—you'll definitely find something to tickle your taste budshere! From classic British dishes to authentic French cuisine, there'ssomething for everyone on offer at this historic market. So why not pay it avisit next time you're in London?

So why not come down toOld Spitalfields Market and enjoy the unique shopping experience it has tooffer? From delicious food to one-of-a-kind finds, there's something foreveryone here. And if you're a fashionista, stay tuned for more about thepopular fashion items you can find at Old Spitalfields Market!

Popular Fashion Items

If you're a fashionistalooking for something special, then Old Spitalfields Market in London is theplace to be! Stroll through the market and you'll find a range of unique items,from vintage clothing to handmade accessories. The market's stalls are full offashionable finds that are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Whether your style isclassic or cutting-edge, there's something for everyone here. If you're lookingfor an eye-catching statement piece, check out the selection of unique jewelrypieces on offer. Or browse through the racks of vintage clothing and pick up aone-of-a-kind item. And if you want something totally original, look out forthe custom-made bags and scarves made by local designers.

On top of all that, OldSpitalfields Market also hosts guest markets throughout the year where evenmore independent fashion labels showcase their designs. It's always worth checkingout these events as they often have exclusive items not available anywhere elsein London. So come down to Old Spitalfields Market and embrace your innerfashionista!

Antiques and Artwork

If you're looking forantiques and artwork to add a touch of vintage charm to your home, then OldSpitalfields Market in London is the place to be. With its historic marketbuilding, this East London gem has been welcoming traders since the 17thcentury. Wander through the market hall and discover an eclectic mix of antiqueitems; from ancient books and coins, to fine art prints and rare furniture.

For those looking forsomething truly special, there's also a weekly antique market held at the northend of Brushfield Street. Here you'll find some of London's leading antiquesdealers offering their wares - everything from delicate porcelain pieces tolarge oil paintings. And if it's art you're after, there are always plenty ofstalls selling original prints and photographs too.

So if you're after someunique antiques or artwork for your home, why not take a five-minute walk fromLiverpool Street Station or Shoreditch High Street Station and explore OldSpitalfields Market? You never know what treasures you might find!

Daily Produce and OtherGroceries

Fresh Produce and OtherGroceries

If you're looking forfresh, quality produce and other groceries in London, then look no further thanOld Spitalfields Market. This daily market is located on Brushfield Street,just a five-minute walk from Liverpool Street Station or Shoreditch High StreetStation. Here, you'll find an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables fromlocal farms, as well as other grocery items like breads, cheeses, spices andsauces.

The market is also knownfor its great selection of seafood - there's always something new to try! Fromthe catch of the day to smoked fish specialties, you'll be spoiled for choice.And if you're after something special to take home with you, there are alsoplenty of stalls selling artisanal goods such as cured meats and pickles.

So if it's top qualitygroceries you're after, why not head to Old Spitalfields Market? You'll be sureto find something that tickles your taste buds!

Culinary Offerings atthe Market

Old Spitalfields Marketis a great destination for anyone looking for delicious food. Located in theheart of East London, it's a bustling market that offers an array of culinarydelights from all over the world. Whether you're after some Asian fusion orFrench cuisine, there's something to please everyone.

The main market buildingon Lamb Street is home to plenty of stalls selling fresh produce and othergroceries, as well as guest markets with exciting new food options popping upregularly. The historic roof at Old Spitalfields Market also houses popularfashion outlets, antique stores and more - so if you're looking for more thanjust a bite to eat, this is definitely the place to be!

And if you're feelingpeckish right away, there are also plenty of ready-to-eat options availableincluding street food vendors and snack stalls offering everything from tacosand hot dogs to sushi and noodles. With such an array of mouth-watering disheson offer, it's no wonder Old Spitalfields Market is so popular!

So if you're visitingEast London, make sure to pay a visit to Old Spitalfields Market - your tastebuds won't regret it!

From exotic street foodto the freshest produce, Old Spitalfields Market has something for everyone -and it's no wonder so many people flock to East London to experience itsculinary delights. Now that you've whetted your appetite, why not explore thearray of Asian Fusion Cuisine available at Old Spitalfields Market?

Asian Fusion Cuisine

Old Spitalfields Marketis the perfect destination for foodies looking to explore some of East London'sbest Asian Fusion Cuisine. Located near Liverpool Street Station, a five-minutewalk from Shoreditch High Street Station, the market is located on BrushfieldStreet and the eastern outskirts of Spittle Fields. Once you arrive, you'll betransported to a culinary paradise with an array of delicious dishes from allover Asia!

From tantalizing Thaicurries to Szechuan dumplings and dim sum - Old Spitalfields Market has it all.Not only that, but there are plenty of creative fusion dishes served up too -so if your taste buds are feeling adventurous, you're in luck! The daily marketalso includes a large variety of street food vendors who offer everything fromkimchi tacos to Korean fried chicken - so make sure you come hungry!

If Asian Fusion isn'tquite your thing, don't worry - there's still plenty for everyone at OldSpitalfields Market. From fashion outlets and antique stores to fresh produceand more - it's simply impossible not to find something that tickles yourfancy! So why not pay this historic market a visit? You won't regret it!

French Cuisine andSpecialty Dishes

If you're looking forFrench cuisine with a twist, then Old Spitalfields Market is the place to be.Located near Liverpool Street Station, this historic market is home to some ofthe most unique and delicious dishes from across France. From traditional classicslike Boeuf Bourguignon and Ratatouille to iconic delicacies such as Foie Grasand Escargot – you'll find it all here!

If you want somethingmore exotic, why not try freshly made crepes or decadent souffles? Or ifseafood is your thing, there are plenty of classic dishes such as MoulesMariniere and Bouillabaisse on offer too. For those with a sweet tooth, there'san array of pastries, cakes and tarts available - all freshly prepared by localartisan bakers.

No matter what your tastebuds crave, Old Spitalfields Market has something for everyone. With itsvibrant atmosphere and wide variety of fresh produce – it's definitely worth avisit! So next time you're in town – why not pay this exciting market a visit?Your tastebuds will thank you for it!

Events Hosted at theMarket

If you’re looking forsomething a bit different, Old Spitalfields Market is the place to be! Not onlydoes this historic market offer up some of the most delicious French cuisine inEast London, but it also hosts an array of events that are sure to keep youentertained. From weekly guest markets to themed evenings and vintage festivals– there’s something going on almost every day.

The market buildingitself is a stunning sight to behold – complete with its iconic Victorian roofand arched windows. The venue is also home to Christ Church, which adds anextra touch of history and culture to your visit. Plus, you’ll find plenty ofpopular fashion boutiques in the area too – making it easy to pick up a fewstylish pieces while you explore the market stalls.

Whether you fancy a spotof shopping or just want to soak up the atmosphere - Old Spitalfields Market isa great place for fun and entertainment. With its vibrant nightlife scene and5-minute walk from Shoreditch High Street Station, it's easy enough to getthere too! So why not make your next visit one that's filled with good food andinteresting events?

Come and explore theunique atmosphere of Old Spitalfields Market – its delicious French cuisine,interesting events and fashionable boutiques make it a great place to spend anafternoon. See what special treats you can discover among the weekly GuestMarkets and Pop-Up Stores – you never know what hidden gems might await.

Guest Markets and Pop-UpStores

If you’re looking forsomething unique and unusual, Old Spitalfields Market is the place to be! Fromweekly guest markets to pop-up stores, there’s always something new andexciting happening in this historic market. Whether you’re looking forone-of-a-kind clothing or accessories, rare antiques, or delicious food – youcan find it all here.

Every week brings a freshselection of vendors from around the world to Old Spitalfields Market. You candiscover everything from vintage clothing and stylish accessories to handmadejewellery and tempting Asian fusion cuisine. And if that wasn’t enough, theregular pop-up stores are always packed with interesting items that you won’tfind anywhere else.

The atmosphere at OldSpitalfields Market is like no other – a vibrant mix of cultures and styles broughttogether in one place. With its iconic Victorian roof, stunning arched windowsand just a 5 minute walk from Shoreditch High Street Station – it’s easy enoughto get there too! So come along and explore what treats await at the GuestMarkets and Pop-Up Stores at Old Spitalfields Market – you never know whathidden gems might await.

Regular Cultural Events,Celebrations, and Performances

Old Spitalfields Marketis a vibrant cultural hub in the heart of East London. Every week brings afresh wave of festivities and performances, from live music to outdoor theatre– you’ll never be bored here! Whether you want something traditional orcontemporary, there’s something for everyone.

At Old SpitalfieldsMarket, you can enjoy everything from French cuisine to popular fashion shows.The market hall is often filled with the wonderful aromas of spices and freshlycooked meals, while the surrounding stalls offer a variety of goods from allaround the world. There are also regular cultural events such as dance performancesand art exhibitions that celebrate local talent and cultures.

The historic roof offersan amazing backdrop for seasonal celebrations like Christmas markets and Easterfairs, while summertime sees performances by street musicians and entertainers.Even if you don’t have time to shop or eat, a simple walk around OldSpitalfields Market will give you an insight into the unique atmosphere createdby its diverse mix of cultures. So whether it’s just browsing or joining inwith the celebrations – come along to Old Spitalfields Market for anunforgettable experience!